Thursday, May 04, 2006


Windshield Family Fun!

We spent last month removing all the trim from around the T and windshield. We also got the windshield out in one piece! The surround was so deteriorated that I was able to just pull it off with my hand! Kyra found large gaps between the glass and the frame and ran wire through it without any trouble. The wire she had was too weak and didn't use it. All I used was a putty knife! I carefully stabbed the knife between the frame and glass all around. From the picture you can see that I already removed the bottom clips.

Took me just a few hours of stabbing and scraping with the blade but over two days. The second day I was really excited but was fighting the lower end about where the knife is in the picture. Toward the passenger side there was a big glob of sealant and once I got through it, POP! I knew the glass was going to come right out! We laid out a cargo blanket on a table to put it on. As we pushed the glass out from the inside, you could hear the crunshing sound of the rust being disturbed and walked it over to the table! There was actually a ring of rust around the windshield where it was sealed to the frame!

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